Dominican Republic, Dolly


Recently I had the opportunity to go to Dominican Republic to shoot for "Smooth lifestyle" and let’s just say it was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a while. I was honestly hesitant at first because I was afraid of being so far from home with many different people and personalities, but I figured why not just go. The time we spent in DR was amazing, the weather was perfect. Jose was a pleasure to shoot with as well as the Smooth lifestyle staff. Everyone was rather kind and extremely helpful to one another during the shoot whether it was by boosting each other up to get lit angles in each photo.  We definitely blessed the beach of Whala Boca Chica with a lot of beauty and booty! It was a dope experience being able to shoot with so many different types of people. The entire trip was great! I’d definitely shoot for another "Smooth lifestyle" campaign again!