In your profile displays the unit PORTFOLIO.

What is it necessary for?

The SMOOTHLIFESTYLE project is not a modeling Agency, but has the world's largest model base. All members of the club have the opportunity to place their model passport in the profile, fill out a questionnaire.

How it works?

If you want to try yourself in the modeling industry - you need to sign up for any casting in your city. Auditions are held monthly. Called for the casting, you have issued the passport model snapshots of the international sample ( in a two-piece, without makeup, profile, front view, rear view 2 photos in the free posing) + videosite.

You need to fill in an electronic form in your profile - its characteristics are the criteria for the filter of business registration in the selection of models.

Business registration - any organization associated with the show business industry (glossy magazines, film companies, production, etc.).

Business, the registrant enters the search, making the search parameters, the system displays all the types corresponding to the characteristics according to location: in your town, in nearby towns, in the country, around the world. Study your portfolio, videovisit, as needed profile.  If you are suitable for this company, contact you by means of chat or video call (in the future), discuss the terms of interaction, the contract.

Our main difference from modeling and acting agencies: your interaction with business registration directly, without intermediaries.

You have registered and paid for the profile, the business has registered, paid for the profile, passed the verification of the legality of activities, received a "tick" checked, is in dialogue with you. Smooth.style is the platform that connected the model and the customer. No interest on either side of the contracts!!!

We do not guarantee you a permanent job, and give the opportunity to be placed in the database for FREE!

Your type can be in demand on a daily basis, there is a possibility that will not choose for a long time. It all depends on the customer and the required type at the moment.

You have nothing to lose! Don't miss your chance!!!

*In addition to placing in a single world model base, of all the girls who came to the casting, selected separately type (guitar figure or hourglass) for catalogs and magazines of the smoothlifestyle project. These girls are conventionally referred to as model 2 of the tour.

*Casting can take place girls without restrictions on age and parameters.

Profile activation or account payment.

The profile has an active button PAY - payment account.

Amount: $ 3 for 12 months.

Why do we need this functionality?

Profile is an electronic card of the club member, which allows:

be an active member of the social network smooth.style ( fill in your media content, chat, comment, like and repost, add friends to other project participants); sign up and attend the events of the project is absolutely FREE; record and attend events of friends and partners of the project with a flexible system of discounts and bonus programs; make a portfolio for promotion and personal growth in modeling.

To pay for the profile, 2 payment systems are used: Kiwi and PAY PAL. Follow the instructions when paying.

*In these payment systems, you can pay with a card without registration; in your account using your wallet; by phone number (Kiwi).

*For girls, the cost of activation is $ 3 for 12 months, a full range of opportunities (recording an event, reading news, chatting, maintaining a personal page with a wall, adding friends, maintaining a portfolio). For guys payment profile $ 3 per month - limited access (recording for events, communication only in the event chat).