Dominican Republic, Eva


Hello!I am Eva.  This year I was given the opportunity to be part of the trip in Dominican Republic with project Smooth Lifestyle. The setting was in Boca Chica, which is a Caribbean town in the Dominican Republic near Santo Domingo city. The experience was amazing, even while we were shooting photos, we enjoyed ourselves. On our off time we would tan on the beach or dip into the crisp, clear,  blue water. All the bright natural elements really made the photos come out in a way, that will capture your eye for sure.

 Jose Guerra (aka Mr.Guerra)-the photographer was a pleasure to work with. He is very professional and knows how to make that vision come to life in the images he captures effortlessly. We were set up in a cozy hotel right in the heart of town, so we were really able to give the world a hit of the beauty around us through the pictures. Trust me, you would want to have been there. I think the Smooth Lifestyle is a great movement and I can’t wait for my next opportunity to work together again. Thank You.